Why Advice for The New Careerist?
I designed Advice for the New Careerist to help professionals in the early stages of their careers.  The advice reflects insights from my 20 years of business experience with an overriding theme of self-advocacy.  Maybe it’s because I have three teenagers, but I really want to make sure young professionals position themselves correctly to maximize their careers.

About Terri:
I started my career on Wall Street after graduating from Smith College, then took a break to earn an MBA at Dartmouth’s Tuck School. After Tuck I spent ten years at Merrill Lynch & Co. where I was among  the first female Managing Directors in the investment banking division. At Merrill, I managed the Real Estate Private Equity Placement business and was a member of the firm’s first Women’s Steering Committee. I now run an advisory business www.summitequityadvisors.com which offers private equity placement services to corporate clients.

For fun, I love to travel and run. I’ve run a few marathons but mostly I like to run casually with friends. I am married with the two teenage daughters  and a son in middle school.

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Terri Tierney Clark

Terri Tierney Clark


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